Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Everything Depends

Somewhere between cuddling Ladybird to sleep the other night and being woken at midnight by Turtle evacuating the contents of his stomach (insert stripping bed sheets and doing washing when should be sleeping) I had read an article by Evan Williams about everything you read about start ups is wrong and I felt calm fall upon me. 

Just earlier this month I decided to launch The Handmade Business Mentor and while its an idea I had on my mind for nearly a year I have been panicking every so often ... What if I told someone the wrong thing? After reading the article I realised its a given that's going to happen. I can't be right all the time for everyone. 

Everything I post, every link I share, every printable I create is going to be either right on the mark for you, completely wrong or some varying shade of grey in between.

While I strive for perfection, I am by no means perfect.

What resonated most for me out of the article was "Everything Depends"  he writes
"Even in a case where someone comes up with a truly great idea that improves the odds for many, many situations, it may be wrong for you. Your company is different. They all are. There are good ideas that apply to most companies, but I can’t think of any interesting ideas that apply to all companies."
And he's totally on the money! While most of my client base are stay at home mums, building their handmade businesses from home, even though we have our "helper" children and even sometimes our "helper husbands/partners" each of our situations are unique to us and our challenges that we face each day are equally unique.

What does this mean to you? It means I CAN help you. It means that not everything I say will work for you but most of it will. It means that when I work one on one with you I can better understand your unique situation and customise a better solution for you. 

Read everything with an open mind. Don't assume that everything is the right action for you to take. Don't discard something that wasn't right for you immediately as it may be perfect further on down your path.

Let the ideas and tips you read help stimulate your own ideas. Let them inspire you to even greater action and when that happens? Let me know and share your story. 

Reading about other peoples stories will help you to better understand your own, and that is a whole lot of good for your business and your family.

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