Friday, 17 May 2013


This very simple template can be so effective when it comes to trying to getting some sort of structure for your week. I have used this on and off for *ahem* over a decade now and find that I turn back to it when I feel life getting a bit out of hand.

The thing I try to do when I go to fill it out is to think of my priorities .. clearly that has changed a lot over a decade of life. In the beginning I had my career as the priority and now it's definitely the family.

Block your your priorities FIRST be realistic, then moving down your list fill out the rest of the week. I find colour coding the categories help but you do what works for you.

The template isn't intended to be done every week, it's more of the "master plan" that you refer to when making appointments. However if you have a varying structure perhaps because of shift work then I have also done a template for you with the "week beginning" at the top.

As I am a visual person I will show you an example, once you see how simple it is I'm  sure you will love it. 
Nearly finished ...
  • List your commitments and then prioritise them
  • Start at the top and work your way down
  • Sport activities can be "family time" too
  • It's your "master plan" the plan you try to stick you all the time, sometimes it just wont work
  • If it's no longer working for you do another
  • Don't forget time for you! 
At this stage I have the download available in PDF format. I have left it as bare as can be so you can put the information you need for you.

You can download the version you prefer here 


  1. Replies
    1. So pleased you like it Vanessa. Sometimes the simple tools are best.

  2. I believe this is something that I can do, something I can continue to use... thanks Sam...


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