Friday, 14 June 2013

Is your message clear

When I first  decided to launch my new venture I reached out to a few contacts I had on Facebook,  you know, to get support and to network. I got back some really positive replies and one that was a little brief and I didn't quite understand. I didn't look into it further as I didn't really take offence. 

During a mentoring session the other day, I went to this person's website to get more information for my client. After some searching I found out that this  site was offering similar services to me (and not what I thought they did) ... oh the embarrassment!! I am so ashamed that I approached what could be seen as a direct competitor to tell them all about my new business! I still haven't figured out how to climb out of that poorly dug and very deep hole! 

So while this is a funny little anecdote at my expense it has a very important message. 
Is Your Message Clear?

So, is your message clear to the complete stranger? 
If someone stumbled across your site whether it be Facebook page, blog or website will they know exactly what you do and what you are selling them? 

You not only need to know who and what you are, you need to communicate that clearly to your audience. 

Flash ads and animated banners are very pretty but they are a distraction and if the message you are trying to convey is not on those distractions your message is most likely being missed.

Fill out your about section on your Facebook page fully. Update it regularly. 

Use an about us page on your blog or website to fully detail who you are and what you do. You not only need to sell your skills/creations, you need to sell yourself too. Why should I buy from you when I can buy from them? 

Get people to review your sites regularly so you remain "on message".

Remember, you live and breathe what you do and you can fall into the habit of using shortcuts and slang which to the new customer can be confusing. If you do you made up words or slang be sure to regularly share your message, a simple "we have a few new people who have joined us so I thought I would remind you all about me and how xyz came to be what it is today" goes a LONG LONG way to building customer loyalty. Everyone loves a good story!

Don't forget:: If a potential customer has to go "hunting" for what you want them to know about you, your message probably isn't getting out there. 

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