Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sales Platform Matrix

One of the big questions that begs to be answered when you decide to run a handmade business is how do you actually go about selling. 

To assist you navigate the endless information available I have created a matrix to help get you started. Each site is linked for you to go directly to the source when you choose to further investigate.

::UPDATE:: This matrix has been created with the NEW seller in mind and the example given is low to keep it simple. If you feel your sales will be higher simply multiply up to what you expect.

I recognise that sites change and evolve so I will do my best to keep it updated so if you do find a new function please let me know. 

So here is version 4 ( yes my release is version 4)
2/07/2013 :: Version 5 Updated
3/09/2013 :: Version 6
6/10/2013 :: Version 7

Click on picture to download

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