Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Collaborate for a Cause - Have you saved your pennies?

Submissions have now closed for 
Collaborate For A Cause 2013! 

Congratulations to all the businesses involved, the sneak peeks this year have certainly been exciting. C4AC has grown each year since its inception in 2011 with 2013 bringing together 589 businesses collaborating on over 258 274 submissions (they are still being loaded) raising money for 135 deserving charities.

Submissions are close to being fully uploaded and soon we will be in the frenzy of bidding to secure some treasured handmade. Whether you bid on items to support the charity, because you love the businesses involved or you have discovered some "must have" creation, just remember to have fun.

I have been ooing and ahhing over this years submissions and I am blown away with the creativity and the skill of the handmade community at large. You should all be very proud, well done!

So, if you are serious about bidding in this years auction there are a few things you should remember to help you secure your hearts desire.

Bidding starts at 8pm AEST 26th July 2013 
and ends at 8pm AEST 28th July 2013 

Just to tease you with what is on offer this year I have carefully selected 3 submissions for Girls, Boys, Babies & Ladies  ..... get ready to be amazed!!!

Babies ... 

Items 6, 31 & 235

Boys ...

Items 66, 128 & 228

Girls ...

Items 12, 61 & 198 

Ladies ...

Item 2, 132, 206 & 222

And a special mention for this awesome submission! Living in the tropics this is a must have for my home.
Item 190

Collaborate For A Cause is so much more that your usual charity auctions. It's about fostering positive working relationships between Australian handmade businesses, it's about promoting the Australian handmade community as a whole to benefit all and it's about being able to support charities that are close to the hearts of the creators.

For those of you who don't want to miss the start ... copy and save this link for your countdown timer ... http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20130726T20&p0=47&msg=Collaborate+For+A+Cause+2013

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  1. WOW thank you Sam for such amazing tips on bidding but also for sharing these collabs pictured above (including one of mine). I am so excited and so proud to be apart of the handmade community as apart of c4ac 2013! over 500 businesses, over 200 collabs and over 150 charities!! Love handmade!


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