Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Selling with Success from your Facebook Page

Today I was going to publish a post about where you can sell your handmade creations. It was quite an in depth look at your options and I was recommending you to not use Facebook as anything other than what it is, a Social Network. It was actually a rather good look at the pros and cons of selling on your Facebook Page given the changes in receiving notifications and of course getting your posts seen in your fans newsfeeds.

That is until I was alerted of a new Facebook App which will not only make selling easier but also help you to grow your business. 

Lets face it, we are busy, and a lot of the reasons behind most of you selling on Facebook is not just about money but more accuratley about time. It takes time to post photos and update your Facebook page and it takes even more time to list and categorise your products on your sales platform to sell. Time is precious and I am going to give you the ticket to grabbing back some of your precious time!

Last year a start up launched Soldsie, a new Facebook app that allows your fans to buy directly on your Facebook page via comments .... Easy .... They get sent an invoice immediately to pay and you get great stats in your dashboard. A few weeks ago Soldsie announced the ability to receive Australian currency so now you have a perfect alternative to every other option out there. If this is all sounding too good to be true believe me I've been looking for the "but", it's just not there.

So how does it work? 

Just like other apps that you use on your page right now, you allow the app to have access to your Facebook and then 
choose which Page (or pages) you want to install it on. You can use it on multiple pages if you have them.
After some simple settings you are actually ready to start selling. 
It's easy to upload your product photos and set the price and once you have set your campaign details, you can schedule for when it posts to Facebook. This means that if your page has more engagement at a particular day and time but you aren't able to be sitting at your computer you can set your sale up to happen for you. 
What I do love about this app is the viral potential when people buy and therefore getting your page and your product more exposure.
For a demo on how it works click here and if you want a little more info on comment selling click here.

What does it cost?
You are going to love this one!
Your first $700 in sales are completely fee free! Yep you read that right, nothing, zero, zip! All money from your first $700 in sales are all YOURS!!!! Wait, it gets better. There is no time limit on this threshold, no matter how long or not so long it takes to reach $700 it's all free. Once you have crossed the $700 threshold you will then be paying 3% of your sales to Soldsie. They just bill you each month (so remember to pop that 3% aside to pay your bill).
But wait, there's more ..... the $700 threshold? It's per page! Yep, if you have a couple of businesses you can install Soldsie on both and also enjoy the free sales at the start!

What about my customers?
Just like all the apps we use on Facebook your customers will have to authorise this one too. But, once they've done that they can shop, shop, shop!

So how do I sign up?
Well, if you haven't already done it while reading this post click here and you will go to the site that's going to change your business!!!! 

Still have questions?
I know this isn't the most in depth analysis ... I was so excited to share with you I have written this in speedy time to get published. However, if you leave a comment or use the contact tab on the Soldsie website you will be amazed at how quickly they reply and help you to understand what Soldsie could mean for you. 

So, pop over! Have a looksie and tell me what you think.
Do you think this will change the face of handmade business on Facebook?

I have added Soldsie to the Sales Platform Matrix so you can compare to third party sites. It's the little things that matter to me :)

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