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Marli and Mo Online Marketplace

GUEST POST: Natrice Grosvenor Co-Founder of Marli and Mo Online Marketplace shares how it all started ....

It all started with a cracking idea, (over a coffee and cake of course…) with a lifelong friend of mine Debbie Stahmer. We were both discussing options of work around our babies. Of course both wanting to achieve a happy balance between work and life and be there for our families. We both share a love of all things handmade and visit our local markets often. Although both agreed it was getting harder to visit these with screaming kids in tow. We were both very familiar with online shopping and the benefits it brings, especially as busy mums with small children.

Did you know Australians spent $12.6 billion on online shopping in the year to November 2012. The National Australia Bank (NAB) Retail Sales Index.

And so the idea for Marli and Mo Online Marketplace was born. Together with Deb’s Graphic Design skills and my Marketing and PR/Media background we developed the idea into a reality.

On the internet, hiding away in little nooks and crannies, are some really great small businesses with some truly amazing products for babies, children, women, in fact, whole families. If only there was a place, a nice easy-to-navigate place, where these little gems could be put on dazzling display.

A place where the people who want that unique gift or everyday essentials for their family can find them, with no fuss and no wasting of precious time. A place where truly beautiful products can be found. A place crammed full of the best talent Australia has to offer for the little people (and some things for the big people who look after the little people, too). Well now there is….. Marli and Mo Online Marketplace.

A purpose built online marketplace composed of individual shops showcasing their goods, all in one convenient, safe, easy to use site.  We aim to connect designers, entrepreneurs and retailers directly with targeted consumers, providing both the retailers and the customer with a safe, convenient way to shop, all in one place.
We believe in keeping life simple for our customers, and creating a truly warm experience where you can find everything you need in one easy place. This simple idea is the heart and soul of our company, and it’s the reason we continue to innovate and develop new ideas to grow our site and support our local small business owners.
Our marketplace is continually evolving as we discover even more handmade, unique design talent, right here in Australia.
Thank you for believing in what we love doing.
Natrice & Debbie xo  (p.s. we still find the time for coffee & cake)

Why choose to sell and buy on Marli and Mo?
Our Community of buyers and sellers is continually evolving and growing and we are proud to have some innovative, unique products on our site. There are some very talented people around Australia and the world and we want to shout about them to the rest of the world and feel our Community is the best platform to do this from.
Marli and Mo is a cost-effective way for brands the ability to leverage an additional marketing channel to generate incremental sales, and extend their reach and acquire audience outside of their geographical area. The sales, marketing, PR and promotional activity is done on behalf of the brands we represent within the marketplace. This gives business owners the opportunity to spend more time working in their business, especially if marketing is not a strong point.
We also publish an e-Magazine called ‘Anything but Ordinary’, this is an extension of our marketplace and showcases some of our fantastic brands and their products in their own light. This is another avenue to reach our readers and give them the ability to purchase ‘the look’ straight from the pages of the magazine.
When businesses become part of the community, they are becoming part of a our Awarded online Marketplace with benefits such as these;
• Own personal online shop front and unique URL. Customise your home page with photos, videos, a shop banner/logo, policies.
• Receive instant payment via the security of PayPal, no invoicing or chasing up payment (debt collecting)
• Promotional marketing and PR done for you. We are in contact with key media in the industry. With some great press exposure already in Mother & Baby, Practical Parenting magazines and Channel 9’ A Current Affair.
• Access our community of influences and get all the support you need. A closed Facebook group where our sellers support each other with advice and feedback and happily share their expertise. Along with advice and mentoring from other business experts.
• A search engine optimised platform to showcase your brand in your own light and not get lost in the crowd. We don’t limit our site to just handmade products; it’s open to all products relating to babies, children and women.
• The chance to be in front of our growing audience that receives our bi-weekly promotional e-mails with designer spotlight interviews, competitions, blogs and news of what’s happening in the community of our marketplace.
• There are no lock in contracts, no application process, no membership fee’s, upload fee’s or limit to how many items you can sell with Marli and Mo. There is only a small commission on a sale (10% ex GST & shipping). For a limited time we have promotion running for businesses to join our Community for free and set-up their shop and start selling.
You’ll agree that Marli and Mo Online Marketplace is a great cost-effective way to have your brand exposed to thousands in your targeted audience around Australia, without any excess spend or capital. It’s the easiest way to make money while you sleep! Giving you more time to concentrate on what you do best – work in your business.

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  1. So your babies have changed your lifestyle, transformed Debbie and you from housewives to business women. Great deal, the concept of selling handmade babies products online is really cool; as option new mom 's could not balance their life for family and household shopping. So know they will easily be able to shop, without taking much pain to go out and physically do the shopping.

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