Friday, 13 September 2013

The Zen of Handmade Copycats

Simple steps for when you find yourself being copied or accused of copying.

Amazingly, regardless of whether you feel you have been copied or if someone feels that you have copied them my advice to you is exactly the same.

Instead of rushing off in a mad rage and accusing or responding to a copycat accusation, remember that you cannot copy an idea in Australia. So, log out and step away from your computer to calm down.

Consider using this business as a referral for work that you can't physically complete.  If you can't foster a working relationship with them, move on and use it to be even more creative and amazing with your creations!

Know that you have done no wrong (I am hoping that is the case). Do not respond or give thought to public bashings of your work or person. Encourage your support network and customers if they are aware not to take the bait either. You do not want to become a bully or part of a mob bully attack.

Focus on positive actions for your business. Use your support network and customers to share and promote your business in positive and brand building ways.

Forget it. Really, as horrible and personal as it is just move on and be better.

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  1. Great advice, so easy o get caught up in things when you've put your heart and soul into things !


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