Sunday, 6 October 2013

Exhibit Your Wares With Zibbet!

This past Friday I came across an article in BRW about an online handmade marketplace that I had not heard of. The article was about how they were gaining a surge of new seller registrations due to recent changes to Etsy guidelines. So, as you do, I opened a new browser and went to check out Zibbet for myself.

w o w !

At first visit the site is enticing and invites you to look further. The home page has a selection of 9 items which are random from the Premium sellers, no extra charge to you, just one of the perks of being a Premium Seller! But it doesn't stop there. One of the downsides to community selling platforms is being confined to someone else's branding. With Zibbet, when you're a Premium Seller, you can fully customise the look of your shop, even the splashes of colour in the Zibbet logo change colour! 

The benefits don't stop there! From free business cards, coupons and gift certificates to being listed on and being able to customise your shop with widgets, the selling experience feels less like someone else hosting your wares and more like your own site. There are no restrictions with linking to your other sites and I urge you to check out the full features list and for your convenience I have updated the Sales Platform Matrix. The site has been online since 2009, so has established performance in the market and the site is well developed. It feels natural to navigate. 

Another defining difference with the site is the creators, they don't hide behind their site, they lead it proudly!  The brainchild of Jonathan Peacock  and Andrew Gray, the name of the site stems from the word exhibit. I just love the funky and hip conier of Zibbet. 

"Many great milestones have come and gone since that first planning meeting in October 2007 to the point where the Zibbet team continues to expand in line with the influence that Zibbet has with artisans from every part of the globe. The Zibbet name is fast becoming known as the one for artisans to trust as the online platform to serve their creative expression and promotion." Source

If selling through the combined power of a community based selling site appeals to you then I recommend you consider supporting this Sydney based team and be a part of this international marketplace. 

As with all community platforms, it is not the sites responsibility to promote you. While some sites do it better than others (if at all) it is your business and your job to market yourself. When making the change to a new platform be sure to educate your customers. Build the excitement and one thing which I think you can really use as a great reason for the change (as if there is only one) is that now your customers will have access to gift certificates that they can ask for gifts for themselves or even give to others and share your work!

Download: Sales Platform Matrix V7

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  1. Great blog here, thank you for always being vigilant in the search for new and exciting ways to help us all with our online selling.. love this blog... Cheers Sas

    1. You're welcome Sas! I want it to be easy for you all to find the info you need, I'm glad it's appreciated.

  2. This sounds really interesting, shall go and have a look !

  3. Checked it out looks good, thanks for all the work you do. I'll have to take a big breath and take another leap :-)

  4. I still cant figure out, though, how a business that doesnt charge fees can possibly grow, expand and update. A few hundred sellers at $89 a year is not going to cut it.

    1. Fair point, though the business model is sound as there are other platforms on the market that are commission free and you just pay the membership/shop fee. True, the money is in the numbers but there would be significant admin savings by having the simple annual fee over the commission.


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