Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Art of Being Successful

There's a common thread in behaviours among successful business people. Whether you're the CEO of a huge multinational corporation, in middle management or the creative director of your own home business you will notice that those who are most successful actually share some common behaviours. 

While there are many contributing factors to success I'm going to share just three with you that you CAN do for yourself and they are pretty easy!

First. Never stop learning! Never ever ever is there a point that you actually know everything! There is always some new development around the corner, some new trend about to take over. Whether it's learning new production techniques for your craft or learning a better way to do business. 
N E V E R   S T O P   L E A R N I N G

Second. Seek out mentoring relationships. Both being the mentee and being the mentor. Whether it be a formal mentoring agreement or if it's just someone more skilled and experienced than you, you will learn so much more than any book or course can teach you from a mentor because you're actually learning for yourself from experience. The same goes for being a mentor to someone. It might be easy just giving answers and sometimes you might just do that but you get better results for both parties if you discuss and ask questions and help guide to the self discovery of a solution. 

Third. Building mutually beneficial collaborative relationships. Teaming up with other businesses that have the same target market but offer different products helps everybody. You're being seen by an audience that's not yours your audience us seeing products or services that might interest them. You're adding value to you're customers as well as getting broader exposure. 

Just three simple things that will make you more awesome than you already are!

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