Tuesday, 5 November 2013

9 Reasons You Need Goals

Love them.
Hate them. 

Scared of them. 

Intimidated by them. 

Motivated by them. 

Inspired by them.

Confused by them.

Goals. Do you have set goals? Official goals that you have considered and committed to? Do have goals for your personal life? Work? Business? None of the above? Do you really NEED them? If you weren't just screaming at your screen, "of course you bloody well need goals!" then read on, YOU need to get this into your head now!

If you want to live your life instead of just exist in life you NEED to have goals.  Consider this, you don't just go to a patch of land and start cementing bricks together to build a house, you have a plan that you follow to build the house you want. As in life, you can't just expect to get the life you want if you don't plan for it and goals are the mechanism for that plan. You start with your big big dream and then break it down into easier steps, each one propels you forward towards your ultimate desire. 

Traditional goal setting suggests you set immediate, short term & long term goals. I know when you are embroiled in the mix of home business and motherhood thinking past next week is long term enough for you so I will say this, you set goals for the time frames you are comfortable with. I do encourage some long term vision, but this vision can be whatever you want it to be, it is yours after all.

I've written about how to write goals, how not to over complicate them and to keep them simple. What I didn't get into was why you really need them. So here is my list for why you need goals:

Goals Clarify and Give Focus - they make you identify what you really want, they can turn dreams into reality by providing focus towards what we want instead of focusing on everything else.
Goals Drive Movement - they facilitate you to be moving forward instead of just being. When you work on your goals, no matter how small your steps or how slow you go you are moving in the right direction.
Goals Create Urgency - the simple act of identifying your want/desire/aspiration then creates a sense of urgency around it. Even long term goals have this urgency as they generally are narrowed into smaller steps. 
Goals Create Belief - the process of setting goals has you consider if they are achievable or not, usually that is dealt with in the time frame you set. When you set a goal you actually are saying you can do this. Goals turn what once seemed impossible into possible.
Goals Turn Out of Reach into On The Way - huge, lifetime goals are easily broken down into manageable achievable goals. When you consider what is your ultimate dream, you can then see the steps needed along the way.

Goals Are Satisfying - no, it's not a mistake, goals ARE satisfying. The provide accountability for yourself and are a way of keeping score, each one you tick off is very very satisfying as it means you are still moving forward and onward.

Goals Make A Difference - blind ambition, luck, talent may get you success but it will only go so far. Without a way to channel your ambition/luck/talent you will soon find yourself spread all over and your achievements might actually be in conflict of each other.

Goals Are The Difference Between Living Your Life and Existing in Life - you can be successful without goals, Yes I said it, there are generally socially accepted measures for what success looks like in all areas of life. But that is just existing in life, it is doing what everyone else expects you should do and not thinking about it. Hell, you might even set goals to achieve that! Oh the irony! When you carefully consider what your fundamental values are (what's important to you) and what you want to achieve in each area (goals), you are living your own life instead of existing in some socially accepted model.

Goals Provide Self Praise - in a world where we look for negatives and mistakes when you achieve a goal there is no negative. Even if the goal took longer than planned, achieving it IS AN ACHIEVEMENT WORTH CELEBRATING. Pat yourself on the back and take a moment to acknowledge how truly awesome you are!

For information on how to write goals, read this article. Goal setting workshops will be conducted in the new year for Handmade Business Network Members. For more information on how to join The Network click here.

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  1. Love! Goals create self praise :) I found I needed to heal the part of me who thought getting 'reward for achievement' was total crap. Now I can have goals for they get me where I'd like to go :)

    1. Absolutely! Let there be awesome and let their be recognition of awesome!


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