Thursday, 16 January 2014

How To Identify Your Customer In 5 Easy Steps

In today's world, anyone with a smartphone and PayPal account can go online to sell everything from quality handmade creations to their old junk in the shed.  With the online market flooded with so many options and the next best option is just a mouse click away it helps to have an edge on your competition.

One way to ensure you have the upper hand is to have an accurate picture of who your customer is. 

By identifying your customer you have greater insight on how you communicate with them, what they want from you, what is likely to make them buy from you and how you solve their needs.

If you have been established for some time, you might already have some data that will help you complete this exercise. If you are starting out, this is a great way to make sure you don't waste precious time and resources marketing yourself to people who really aren't going to be your customer.

Step1:: Demographics This is about the facts, the quantifiable data. Anything that is relevant to you and your product should be noted. Your worksheet has space for Gender, Age, Income, Experience, Location, Job. It also has space for you to note any other data you feel is relevant about your customer. Race, Religion, mother, married, anything that is a fact that is relevant to accurately identifying your customer. If you have more than one customer print off a separate sheet for each customer.

Step 2:: Psychographics This one is about how your customer feels, their aspirations, what their beliefs are, attitude, lifestyle etc. These are things that aren't able to be quantified as is the data in step 1. Take two minutes to write down as many things as you can think of to describe your customer.

Step 3:: Where are you going to find your customer? Where do they hang out? Socialise? Frequent? Do they spend more time on Pinterest and Instagram or is Facebook their habitual online haunt? Are they a blog reader? Or do they prefer dealing with businesses websites directly?  Take some time looking at the information you have written already and really consider where you can find your customer online.

Step 4:: What need are you filling? Why will they buy your product over another? What is their need and how are you fulfilling it? If you are a service based business, what is their problem? If you are not fulfilling a need or solving a problem for your customer, what are you doing?

Step 5:: Persona Reviewing what you have written for Steps 1-4, now describe your customer. Give them a name and if you need find a picture to depict them. Combine all your info into a descriptive narrative about who your customer is.

This is just one example of my audience, my customer, you.

Jenny is a mother who has been working her handmade business for a couple of years. She is in her mid 30's and lives in suburbia. Her family is a traditional one income family. She is extremely budget conscious and will put everyone else in the family first over herself.
She is, however, serious about establishing her business further and building it to be able to help support her family so she can continue to be the primary carer for her children at home. As a committed mother, Jenny is time poor and needs tools and solutions to help her build and run her business. 
She is emotional and prone to self-doubt to the point that she does dismiss ideas based on others opinions. While she does have support for her business from home she yearns for support from like-minded people who really understand not just what she is doing but the hurdles she faces daily. Jenny has big dreams for her business and limited resources to get there. She takes a long time to decide to invest not just in herself but also in her business. If it isn't related to creating her product it is a difficult decision to make. Jenny is passionate about handmade and when she spends money it is usually in support of other WAHMs and for her children.
Jenny spends alot of time on social media with the main one being Facebook. It's where I have the most interaction from Jenny though she does read blogs Facebook is where I will find her to talk to her. 
Jenny needs me because I am just like her. I understand the rollercoaster of a path being a mum working a handmade business from home is and I provide tools and resources for free to help her navigate that path. The tools I do sell are prices specifically for Jenny and have been kept at a cost that is not out of reach. Jenny needs the support and networking available in The Handmade Business Network as her back up and to help her grow her business. She will feel empowered by supporting other WAHMs and will continue to learn how to operate her business better.

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