Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How Having a Nemesis is Great for Business

I've been writing this article for almost as long as I have been The Handmade Business Mentor. It seems rather odd that a person with a brand new business would even have material to assist in the writing of such a topic, but I have to say that for about as long as I have been The Handmade Business Mentor, I have have been allotted more than my fair share of nemeses. Yes, more than one.

What exactly is a nemesis? 

From the time man walked the earth there has been good versus evil. Every great person in history has always had a nemesis. Nemesis is a grand word but you can easily use enemy, rival, foe, adversary, antagonist, combatant and challenger. A nemesis is someone who not only would pop the champagne cork at your downfall, they might even be actively taking part in it. The more successful you are, the more powerful you become (or perhaps just appear to be) there will be a nemesis lurking in your world ready to bring you down a peg or two, whether by attack or through out-performance.

Even the most optimistic and positive of us have that one person who get's under our skin, someone who we feel has made it their life's mission to belittle, be negative and even brag about their own achievements. With our a majority of our handmade community being female you can just imagine how many of us are actually in the same predicament. With the introduction of social media into our business and personal worlds, cyber bullying, online trolls, enlisting of others to do the same, these are all traits of the modern day nemesis.

Why is having such a person in our life good for business?

Because it makes you try harder! Yes you have all the motivation and inspiration in the world, but one thing that can really keep you going when nothing else does is proving all the people who want you to fail wrong.

I'm not saying for a moment that being aware of such a person in your life is great. At times it can bring about a crippling doubt, about you, your business and your dreams. But then, it can also be that thing that fuels your ambition to succeed when everything else fails, it can make you find the strength to carry on and perhaps even achieve far more than you had dared to dream.

What can you really do? 

Before you can implement any strategies and make any plans on how you are going to deal with your nemesis there is one very important thing you need to be aware of first.

You are the one giving the power to the nemesis.

What I mean by this is the power has, and always will be, in your hands in relation to how you deal with any given situation. There are numerous issues that concern us in our lives, but all of those concerns don't fall within our own circle of influence. We can't change the weather, or stop the plane from being delayed. Those concerns that we don't have influence over, we need to develop ways to deal with them, if we are unable to move on. We can't stop someone from being negative but we can choose how we react to it.

Once you accept that you cannot change your foe or how they behave, it's time to look at what you can do.

You can, use every little piece of criticism as proof that you are doing well. Now, don't go and ignore any valid points just because of the source, that's just stupid. I have noticed though, that when the attacks increase either in intensity or volume then it tends to mean that you are being successful.

You can, increase your knowledge base and educate yourself. The sound of someone nipping at your heals just ready to pick up where you left off should be more than enough motivation to make sure that doesn't happen!

You can, choose how you react and respond. While not always the case, generally when you are being belittled by your foe they absolutely love to know and better yet see that they have gotten to you. That they have you so upset that you are unable to move on with your plans. As mentioned above, this is giving your nemesis power and the power isn't in their hands, it's in yours. Recognise this for what it is and use that raw emotion to be the best you that you can be. If it hurts (and I know it does) then imagine the sweet revenge of being successful!

Having a nemesis is awesome!

Think about it, whether they realise it or not, this person (or persons) are on your team .. they just don't realise it. It's like a cheer squad in reverse, the louder and nastier they get, the more you know you're doing fine. 

Beware the Trojan Nemesis!

This one is hard. The nemesis in disguise is the one that can inflict the most amout of damage to you. You believe you are friends, you value their input and their support. You confide in them and detail your plans.
They then do one of the following:

  1. they take your ideas and act on them themselves.
  2. they pull apart your idea pointing out numerous faults, all in the guise of constructive criticism and then make you feel like the one in the wrong if you stand up for your idea.
  3. they are supportive and the model friend to you while doing the opposite with everyone else about you.
  4. all of the above and more.

Once you recognise the nemesis for what they really are you again, have all the power.

I hope this video is still available, some great insight from a source that you would never imagine!

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