Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How To Take Charge Of Your Facebook Page Visibility

It's a question that gets asked by old and new alike, "How do I get seen by more people on Facebook?"

I wish it was an easy answer that I could give you.

Researching this topic will lead you to finding conflicting information from all over the Internet.  Recently published articles refer to EdgeRank even though Facebook has not used the term for years and the way newsfeeds are assembled seems to be so much more complicated than what the original EdgeRank ever was.

To be honest, it doesn't matter what you call it or if it really needs a name. All you need to know is there is an equation at play that will determine if, when and where your posts are fed into users news feeds. There's even no point in learning how it works because as soon as you do it will be adjusted again.

To begin with, Facebook is interested and only interested in keeping users returning to the site. That means that they will populate the news feeds with what they determine to be of interest to the user based on past interactions, popularity of the posts and even what your friends are commenting on.

Saying that, Facebook doesn't actually fully disclose the specifics of how the algorithm works so everything that follows is a combination of my research online, experience from how posts perform and lots of testing. Nothing, I say will be better than you conducting your own experiments on the types of posts and timing that elicit the best interaction with your fan base and I wouldn't recommend that everything you read should be followed blindly. Pick and choose what will suit you, your business and your audience. Pay attention to how your posts perform and make decisions based on your own data.

With Facebook being a publicly listed company you have zero chance of your page posts being seen by all your likers (unless you are paying) and being small home businesses we notice the $6 here and $15 there just to get seen by our potential customers. So what can you do to help get your posts seen without handing over your money?

If you haven't already read my article on why Facebook page fans unlike pages I recommend you do.

Instead of worrying about things that are completely out of our control I'm going to focus on the positives. What you CAN do. Because what's really at the centre of all of this is how far your circle of influence extends and what you can actually do about any given situation.

So let's go back to basics here and try to remember something, the whole point is about creating valuable content for your audience, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder so is valuable in the eye of your reader! Determining what is what is really valuable for your audience will take a bit of trial and error if you have never paid attention to what your audience wants. To do this you actually have to know who your audience is, it's much easier to write and plan content when you know who you are writing for.

When you know who your customer is (see this article for help) you also get a picture of what they are interested in (apart from your business that is). Armed with that knowledge you can then curate your content from around the web that is in line with what your customer in interested in and also supports and even strengthens your overall brand. Remember the 70/20/10 (you're looking for the ME ME ME heading) rule? You have to earn your sales pitches to your audience. 

For example; if you make and sell jewellery your audience would be interested in fashion, storage solutions, cleaning and taking care of their jewellery. If you sell baby related items there's a whole range of parenting jokes and tips at your disposal. Again with clothing, caring for, how to make them last longer are just some ideas to get you started.

If you have a blog some of the content could be coming from articles that you have written yourself but do try to share other relevant content from other sources, and remember to always credit the source!

Create content that is relevant to your audience that they will not only like it but comment and hopefully share it!

With this in mind, the ONLY REAL currency on Facebook is the "share", if your posts are shared your reach is crossing the border of your actual fans who at some stage already knew about you. 

Be Consistent! Whether your plan is to post 5 times a week or 16 create your social media plan and consistently follow it! Look at your page insights and assess when your audience is on Facebook the most, what time do posts get the most interaction? Plan your calendar accordingly. 

Honour Your Audience! If someone takes the time to comment on your page show some respect and respond. Respect that they don't have to comment so celebrate when they do. 

Be Genuine! As I've said many times, Facebook is SOCIAL MEDIA, that means that you need to be yourself (within limits) with your audience. People aren't as dumb as you sometimes think and they can tell when you are being fake and just after something from them. Share yourself, share things that are outside your business. You are a HOME BUSINESS and that means sometimes your great achievement for the day could be brushing your hair before school pick up! You don't have to share everything, in fact, I don't post my children's names, I have given them nicknames that I refer to them as. I'm still sharing personal stories but I'm still keeping some of the details private.

Remember that you are only being seen by a small percentage of your potential audience so you need to make an impact with what you do post and share on your page.

Have fun with your Page, if you aren't having fun it will show and people will be less engaged with you.

Not that I want to end this article on any sort of negative I think the following video says it far better than I can on why you need to focus on your actual engagement and interaction rather than any like number.


  1. Wonderful advice - thanks so much!

  2. Thanks!! Very helpful. My facebook reach has been way down lately.

    1. You're welcome Gael, I feel your pain too.


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