Sunday, 17 August 2014

Being Proactive About Responsiveness in Your Business

Today I want to chat about responsiveness in your business. 

I'm sure some of you have fallen into the trap of sitting online waiting for the messages and replies from potential customers and I want to share with you some tips on how to claim back your time (and sanity).

Even though you have a home business it doesn't mean you are working or available all the time and sometimes we find ourselves on the receiving end of unreasonable demands from customers who feel that because we work from home we should be able to answer their queries any time day or night.

But are they unreasonable? 

Have we told them when we are available?

First, if your customer contact is mainly through your Facebook Page, set your work hours and be restrictive. Don't go and put 9-5 .... reduce the time to something more realistic and if you find you are getting repeated messages from the same customers because you haven't had a chance to reply, consider clearly stating your communication policy. A simple, "my office time is weekdays from 6pm-8pm and I will respond and reply to your messages then. If you have any urgent matter please email me directly at .......". Please, do follow that up with actually responding in that timeframe.

Second, if you receive emails from customers, look into getting an auto responder for your messages. A simple, thank you I have received your email and I will reply within 48 hours or on Monday if it's the weekend, will make a huge difference. Sometimes the multiple messages are because they are unsure if their message has gotten through. 

My third Tasty Tidbit for you is to ensure you set time aside daily to respond to comments on your social media. They don't have to be novels but a quick Thank you and perhaps a direction to email or visit your website will be worth it's weight in gold for your customer.

Do you have any tips on responsiveness you'd like to share?

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