Tuesday, 4 November 2014

3 Easy Steps to Creating Balance With Your Home Business

Whether you have been running a handmade business from home for a couple of weeks or you’ve been at it for a couple of years, there are some common distractions that working from home encounters.

One of the most important lessons I can teach you is about creating your weekly schedule. Your blueprint if you will, that you use each week when you are scheduling and planning ahead. Creating your weekly schedule allows you to block time for the things that are truly important to you. The things, which sometimes, get neglected when we are running a business from home.

I know how daunting a task it appears to plan a blueprint for your week so I am going to make it even easier for you, I’m going to give you my top 3 tips for creating a balanced weekly schedule.

1. Identify your NO WORK times. 

When you look at your week and plan when you will work, rather than focusing on when you can, look at when you can’t work. What this means is if you are late starting for your scheduled work time, you don’t get to work late. Children (and husbands) do not understand that it took 3 times as long to get through lunch and naps. Identify when you are off the clock and stick to it.

2. Schedule time for you. 

While you’re there planning your week, schedule time for you each day. Time to read a book, do a puzzle, brush your hair (I know it happens), time for you to do something that re-centres yourself and re-energises you. Take time to invest in yourself and to nurture yourself.

3. Limit your daily to do list to the 6 Most Important Things To Do. 

Accept that you will most likely only achieve 3 but I like to have 6 on the list as some times the tasks are relatively easy to do and I get a great sense of accomplishment when I actually finish a whole list. I know your to do list is probably as long as your arm. What you need to do is review your expanding list and identify the Most Important Tasks for you to do today. Looking at your day, what are the 6 Most Important Things that will help move you forward today. Some people do this the night before, others first thing in the morning, point is, this should become part of your regular routine.

Ready to get started? 

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