Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Facebook Newsfeed and How You Can Increase Your Visibility

Today I want to chat to you about your Facebook content and what you post on your business page.

We all know that reach is down and we all know that as soon as we get used to the new changes to the newsfeed visibility, Facebook changes it again.

I believe what is important for you to remember is Facebook will always be striving to create the best possible experience for it's users.

And there, right there is the key! Facebook isn't about you and your business. It's about the users and their experience.

The latest feedback received by users are that they are don't like overly promotional posts. Let's be honest, do you?

So what can you do to make sure your page posts aren't affected by this latest adjustment to Facebook Newsfeeds?

1. Know your audience. Take some time to research who it is that is following your page and more importantly interacting with your page. What else do they like? Can you identify some common ground between what their other interests are and what your business is about?

2.  Earn your sales posts. I've written about this before and I will say it again now. You need to earn your sales posts. By posting content that is of interest to your audience and building a relationship with them you can then post a direct sales related post.

3. Stop. Think. Review. Before you hit that post button, take a moment and review your post. If this came up in your newsfeed would you find it overly spammy? Don't just post a link to your shop and say "buy now". Be smart, stand out from the crowd and be engaging. Give them a reason to click on your link.

There is no magic formula to posting. No sure thing. All you can do is be entertaining, engaging and relevant for your audience.

Test. Test. Test. Times. Content. Quantity.

If you would like to read more about the research conducted and what Facebook are classifying as overly promotional you can read their article here.

Here is another article on the topic, when I find the good ones I'll link them in for you.

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