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My Business Journal
A business tool you can't live without!

These journals are A4, spiral bound with a colourful cover and jam packed with TheHMBM printable worksheets.

At the beginning of your journal you are faced with your business vision and brand elements. Perfectly positioned to keep at the forefront of your mind. You then have your weekly plan sheet, this is your template that you aim to work towards and now we are into our monthly sections...

Each month starts with a 2 page spread monthly calendar, use for your content planning, market days, birthdays, whatever you wish, this is great to get the full picture. Now we get into the nitty gritty, My Goals, a new monthly worksheet created especially for the journal, record your income, mailing list and social media goals, even what you have to do to achieve them and because sparks of awesomeness can occur at any moment a special place to record them is ready at hand. Our next worksheet is the Profit & Loss worksheet, what is the point of having a financial goal and not track your performance? Next is My Blog another worksheet designed especially for the journal, this worksheet will help you plan your blogging commitments for the month (don't forget to pop them into your calendar). We then have My Marketing Tracker, track your daily activity at a higher level for Facebook, Twitter, G+, Email, Ads and more .... this isn't for the full details but for you to come back to and see just where you were actively marketing your business for the month. We then have a week to a page diary pages for your week to week activity, appointments and notes .. 5 pages are here just in case the month is an odd one! Rounding up the monthly section we have My Statistics, My Sales Tracker and My Purchases all straight from TheHMBM download library. 

After the monthly sections, we have some pages for you to record your showcases activity*, a place for your future blog titles and of course, more awesome sparks are safe to be recorded here.

184 pages of worksheets and diary pages to help you manage your day to day business.

Network Members $35 please order directly.

Non-Members $55 plus post

Not a handmade business? Order your My Business Journal without the showcase pages here.